Serving you and your feline family members since 1983
What is Kitty Castle?

We are a unique boarding kennel for cats exclusively. (No dogs!) Whether it's a one week business trip, a weekend getaway or a temporary living arrangement, The Kitty Castle offers a warm and friendly atmosphere and personalized attention for your kitty without the stress and noise associated with other kennels that also board dogs.

Cats are all we know and we know them well. Established in 1983 by Mrs. Pat Edel on a nine acre farm in rural Finksburg, the Kitty Castle caregivers Joann, Linda, Barbara and Jackie have nearly 40 years of combined experience loving and nurturing kitties.

Each kitty "apartment" has its own private window, shelves for the cats to jump on, and a pet-door leading to an individual screened-in area outside. Easy listening music filters throughout the building. All the buildings are clean and odor free. Kennels are vacuumed each morning and litter pans cleaned twice a day. When a boarder goes home his "apartment" is thoroughly scrubbed and disinfected.

We carry a large variety of dry and canned food. We even feature our own custom mix of dried food. (only prescription food would need to be provided) Canned food is provided in the evening only, unless otherwise specified. We supply all bowls, litter pans, rugs, blankets and towels. Special toys or other personal items always make kitty feel more comfortable and special instructions are always welcome. We take extra time and care with any kitty who shows any kind of discomfort.

We have a relationship with a local veterinarian in case of emergency and ask that you leave the number of your kitty's doctor if needed. We must require proof of rabies vaccine for all new boarders.

Please note we are a boarding facility only - we do not provide grooming, breeding or adoption services.

Kitty Castle • 2100 Brookmead Court • Reisterstown, MD 21136 • 410.239.8907 •