Our Kennels

We feature spacious 3 X 5 outdoor runs. Kitty can go in or out whenever she pleases!
(weather permitting)
Our kennel facilities are truly one of a kind. Private accommodations offer full-sized, walk-in comfort, measuring 4' square by 8' high. All "rooms" feature a 2' x 3' operative window with a carpeted ledge and a second deep ledge for lounging. The top half of each kennel is made of 1" x 2" wire for a full view of the entire building and other boarders; the bottom half of three walls are solid, with a full-size wire door. The floors are wooden. Weather permitting, each kitty has access to a private 5' outdoor run featuring plastic coated wire and a pebble floor. We have 50 kennels in 4 buildings; all are heated, cross-ventilated and feature ceiling fans. We play soothing music, and each room has a hanging toy for kitty's enjoyment. All litter pans are cleaned twice daily, and upon kitty's departure all kennel surfaces are disinfected.
Our kennels are so large, 3 adults can fit inside!


"Family Condo" - Special Group Accomodations for larger feline familes

Kitty Castle • 2100 Brookmead Court • Reisterstown, MD 21136 • 410.239.8907 • lazzati5@msn.com